6 Ideas for Decorative Colored Sanding Sugar

Posted by [email protected] on 10/16/2019 to Baking Ideas
6 Ideas for Decorative Colored Sanding Sugar

When bakers have some sugar syrup at hand, they can dry it out, isolate the granules, and add color. What they are left with is a special sugar that sparkles in the light and keeps its composure even in the heat of an oven. This ingredient is called sanding sugar, and it has amazing potential for decoration. Here are some idea for tapping into that potential.

1. Cookies

Just about everyone loves the sight of fresh-baked cookies. You can make this even more fun by decorating your cookies with help from sanding sugar. Baking YouTuber cookies350 recommends applying merengue powder over the icing with a brush, then pouring the sugar over the entire cookie. It will only stick where the powder is applied, and it will create a delightful sparkling effect.

2. Cupcakes

You can place sanding sugar on cookies without damaging the icing. That benefit is even better for cupcakes, which are more than 50% frosting. If you wish to bake a batch that really glows in the light, just try the same trick mentioned earlier. Pour some merengue powder all over the top, then throw in the sugar. This is great for birthday parties, especially ones where the theme just calls for sparkly foods.

3. Muffins

Muffins are quite similar to cupcakes in many respects. With that said, they can be denser, more savory, and healthier — especially if you do not top it with chocolate. Adding some sanding sugar lets you add a little color to the top and sweetness to the taste. As a bonus, the ingredient is entirely organic, with no preservatives or synthetic coloring. This keeps the muffin healthy, or at least keeps it from entering cupcake territory.

4. Cake Pops

Cake pops are, well, cake in the shape of a lollipop. You can bake some cake mix, then mix it with frosting or icing, roll it into balls, impale them on sticks, and dunk them in a sweet goop of your choice. While you are mashing all this stuff together into colorful orbs, why not decorate them with some sanding sugar? You can have all kinds of fun with this, like creating basketballs, jack-o’-lanterns, or swirly-patterned planets.

5. Fondant

Sanding sugar can also go great with other decorative ingredients, including fondant icing. The latter is often used to provide stability at the bases of large baked goods, like wedding cakes. Sanding sugar can give the fondant some extra color or flair. Many have found it helpful to apply some gum glue with a brush, then sprinkle the sugar out of a shaker.

6. Sprinkles

Speaking of sprinkling, sprinkles are the go-to ingredient for spicing up the design of a cookie, cupcake, or any other dish mentioned here. Most people do not think to add both sprinkles and sanding sugar, believing that they fall into the same category. Whether or not they do, a tasteful mix of these colorful ingredients can result in beautifully decorated desserts.

Add Color to Your Desserts with Bangalla Sanding Sugar

These are only a few ideas for what you can do with this whimsical and versatile ingredient. If you are interested and eager to add some colored sanding sugar to your desserts, then GreenOrganicOnLine.com can help out. We offer the all-organic products of Bangalla Sanding Sugar, which come in a few dozen different colors and a few of our favorites are displayed below. All of them are completely natural, and all of them can glow up your dishes with more color and more sparkles.


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