9 Personal Care Products You Can't Do Without

Posted by [email protected] on 12/27/2019 to Personal Care Products
9 Personal Care Products You Can't Do Without

To read ‘No chemicals used’ on a product label is reassuring in more ways than one. And more so when it’s to do with your skin. It means that the product is organic or has been developed naturally.

Your skin is not only your biggest asset but also the most delicate one. An organ with that kind of a surface area needs to be nurtured carefully and more importantly with the right products. 

Everything that you use on your face and body finds its way into your bloodstream via the surface of the skin. Depending on the ingredients, they can have all kinds of negative effects. The chemicals, synthetic products, parabens used in inorganic products may show quicker results but are going to harm your body in the long run. 

Remember when grandma told you to use organic products? This is when she made pastes with ginger, honey, milk, and so many other natural products. Those salves, creams, and pastes have no preservatives and cause little to no harm to your skin to help you look younger than ever. If you’ve ever tried to cover up wrinkles and fine-lines with make-up, we’ve got healthier and more sustainable skin-care options for you. 

Bath & Body Care

Body Wash: At zero level of body care is the bath and bath products. Use a body wash that retains the natural moisture of your body and yet scrubs off dead skin. It’s like getting the best of both worlds. 

The Dessert Essence Body Wash Almond does this flawlessly. The almond nutrients keep the skin soft and supple and the mild sugar granules gently scrape off dead skin. 

Hair Care: Who isn’t aware of the natural benefits of coconut? It cleanses hair, makes them grow longer and thicker. And one of the most sought after concoctions for the hair is a mix of coconut, milk, and honey. The latter two deep condition the hair and help retain moisture. 

A hair care shampoo that carries this perfect mixture is the Pure Life Soap Shampoo - Coconut Milk and Honey.

Bubble Bath: Indulgences start when you draw yourself the perfect bath after a tiresome day. Dive deeper into the relaxation mode with the Lavender essence. The name EO Bubble Bath Serenity French Lavender With Aloe self-describes the nutrients that the product unleashes on your body. 

The product is paraben-free, phthalate-free, synthetic fragrance-free and will plunge you into a relaxed repose while you are still in the bathtub. 

Skin Care: Moisturizing your skin every morning with nutrients is as important as watering plants to keep them from dying. A moisturizer plays the most vital role in your skincare regime. In such a situation, it is important to choose the best and most environmentally viable option. 

The Derma E Retinol Vitamin A and Green Tea Wrinkle Treatment Creme check all boxes. A corrective product that uses green tea extracts. With anti-aging serums and formula, it nurtures the skin removing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Naturally tones the skin enriching it with vitamin A, Derma E and the like. The best part is that the product uses 100 percent vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free antioxidants. It plays a role in environment preservation impeccably. 

Oral Care

Toothbrushes: Your smile decides how you look in pictures and believe it or not, that’s the most important thing nowadays. An organic toothbrush with vegetable bristles and zero contribution to landfills goes a long way. 

The Radius Scuba Toothbrush provides excellent cleansing and lasts for many months. The product isn’t tested on animals and bears an angled neck to be able to cleanse your mouth thoroughly. 

Mouthwash: If you are one for quick fixes, a mouthwash is sure to be your go-to product many times a day. 

The Natural Dentist Antiseptic Rinse Cool Mint uses a cruelty-free formula and actions germ-kill for a large part of the day. It is alcohol-free and contains no synthetic flavors or colors. 


If you are mostly on the go and need an easy and compact, yet organic deodorant, try the Alba Botanica Clear Deodorant With Tea-Tree. It’s chemical and alcohol-free composition is environment-friendly. The Tea-Tree oil used has antibiotic properties that prevent allergies. 

With the addition of aloe vera, the product eliminates any scope of irritation or rashes on sensitive skin. Its application is colorless. The product is also composed to keep away odor-causing bacteria.

Nail Care 

It is important to have a safe and healthy mode of cleansing products that are used on your body or nails for that matter. Since the nail polish remover you use is usually a strong chemical itself, you need to choose an organic product. The HoneyBee Gardens Nail Polish Remover will remove polish just as easily. Firstly, being acetone-free, we’re assured that the product is safe. The concoction of horsetail extract, Aloe Vera and vitamin E, strengthens and nurtures the nails and cuticles like no other product. Since the product is free of paraben, it preserves the environment as well. Having brittle nails can be unhealthy and painful in case of breaks and scratches.


It is well established that waxing is painful. Going through pain for hair removal can be substituted with easier and more organic ways. Many of us resort to shaving using razors which only cuts hair from the surface and may lead to rashes and unhealthy coarse skin. 

While there are allergies, rashes, and redness that are caused due to waxing and using razors, we’ve found a middle ground as a resolution to this problem. The MOOM Organic Hair Remover With Tea-Tree Oil is here to rescue you. MOOM, a treatment lotion with essential oils, contains Chamomile and Tea-Tree oil (organic). 

It is easy on the skin and easier to use. With antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, it practically does, very little to no harm to your skin. A two-in-one product that heals the skin of acne and blemishes also addresses the issue of hair removal. 

Don't Panic, It's Organic!

With all products listed above being under $25, they are more than affordable. If you are a skin and body care enthusiast, visit https://greenorganiconline.com/ and indulge in the most carefully curated products. No products on the website are tested on animals and therefore are cruelty-free. 

The quote ‘Don’t panic, it’s organic’ holds true for more than one product. Organic and natural ingredients have always harped over and above inorganic ones. They certainly cleanse the body and mind alike. The use of organic products is sure to feel similar to a detox. What dieting is to the body, natural and organic products are to the skin, so resort to a healthy existence and take care of your body and skin starting today!


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