6 Unique Dessert-Like Flavors of Loose Leaf Tea

Posted by [email protected] on 11/29/2019 to Teas & Beverages
6 Unique Dessert-Like Flavors of Loose Leaf Tea

American culture has long prized coffee over tea. While people around the world take the latter with their desserts, many of our fellow Americans prefer the former. However, coffee is not always the healthiest beverage, especially with the addition of ingredients that may increase the sweetness but lower the nutritional value.

Thankfully for those who seek better options, Bangalla loose teas can pair greatly with your favorite desserts while still being good for the body. Added sweeteners may not even be necessary if you find loose leaf tea with the right taste. Here are six unique flavors that you can procure, brew, and enjoy.

Vanilla Chai Tea

Vanilla is not just for ice cream. This blend of Bangalla loose tea may be mostly black in color, but it contains Madagascar vanilla as a primary ingredient. Nutmeg, cardamom, and cinnamon add more sweetness to the black tea and spices that make up Vanilla Chai.

Belgian Chocolate Rooibos Tea

They say that everything tastes better with chocolate, and that includes the special South African tea blend known as rooibos. Bangalla’s Belgian Chocolate Rooibos blend goes even further by adding a hint of truffle to the mix. You can get all this without any caffeine.

Angel Falls Mist Tea

Fruit flavors are a staple of many lines of beverages. Tea drinkers can enjoy these flavors as well with Bangalla Angel Falls Mist Herbal Loose Leaf Tea. The blend is infused with lemon and strawberry, with hints of apple, orange, and a little sugar for good measure.

Peppermint Willamette Tea

Fans of tea, by definition and by default, appreciate how herbs can affect the taste of a drink. An example of an herb with a strong taste is mint, and you can get the candy version of that flavor in Peppermint Willamette tea.

Bingo Blueberry Tea

Blueberry may not be a flavor that immediately comes to mind when you think of dessert. Of course, it can be a pleasant and sweet surprise, especially if you can get it with your tea. Bangalla Bingo Blueberry Herbal Loose Tea contains plenty of that ingredient, as well as raisin, apple, and elderberry.

Creame au Caramel Rooibos Tea

Some Bangalla loose tea blends have names that sound more like coffee blends, such as Creame au Caramel Rooibos. Worry not, for this tea still comes with rooibos and calendula, as well as a pleasant toffee taste and a hint of hazelnut.


As you can see, loose leaf tea can be just as delightful and dessert-like as their bean-brewed cousins. Hot beverage enthusiasts have more than one option for quenching their thirst while satisfying their sweet tooth. In fact, they have plenty of choices, and the six listed above only represent a small sample.

All these Bangalla loose teas and more are available right now at GreenOrganicOnLine.com. You can order them in bags weighing five, ten, or fifteen pounds, and owners of cafes and restaurants can order in bulk. Best of all, our entire inventory is curated for high nutritional value, no matter how much it may taste like dessert. Check out our sweet selection today and find your new favorite flavor.


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