Loose Leaf Tea: An Excellent Alternative to Teabags

Posted by [email protected] on 10/30/2019 to Teas & Beverages
Loose Leaf Tea: An Excellent Alternative to Teabags

How do you take your tea? This question is a common way for fans of tea to break the ice. More than a few will say they like it with a spoonful of sugar, or two, or more. Some add a splash of milk, a dash of creamer, or even a taste of honey. Others prefer to take it straight.

When we ask how you take your tea, however, we mean something slightly different. We are actually asking: do you use teabags, or do you use an alternative? Here is some information about loose leaf tea, another way to brew this beloved beverage.

What is Loose Leaf Tea?

You are almost certainly familiar with teabags, which are exactly what their name implies. This is the method of taking tea that permeates Western societies. However, this practice only began in 1904 by complete mistake, and the practice persists largely because it is cheaper for merchants to produce. Before that point, people were content with simply using the tea leaves without any kind of container. This is what we now call the loose leaf form.

How is Loose Leaf Tea Better than Teabags?

Tea became the world’s favorite non-water beverage long before the invention of the teabag, and many of today’s avid drinkers swear by the traditional method. Teabags are often small, and they can only hold the smallest of tea leaf particles. The result is a drink that is quick to brew, but often poor in taste.

In contrast, loose leaf tea is not encumbered by bag size, making more room for larger leaves. The leaves need that room because they naturally expand in the water. Steeping tea like this can open a new world of scents and flavors and health benefits.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Each cup of tea simply needs a single teaspoon’s worth of loose tea leaves, or however much you really want. You must leave that teaspoon of tea at the bottom of the cup while the water boils. After it reaches that point, pour it into the cup, over the leaves, and let the brew steep. The precise amount of steeping time varies based on the type of tea, but it is typically no more than five minutes.

Once you remove the leaves, it should be ready to drink. You can remove them by using a strainer — if so, make it a big one that gives the leaves plenty of room to expand. You could also put them in a pot or glass, empty the water, and clean out the leaves by hand later on.

Are you looking for extra health benefits from your tea? Natto powder is an excellent, tasteless way to get vitamins K, B and others as well as minerals like iron, copper and more. Learn about what natto is here. It dissolves in the tea and doesn't affect the flavor at all. It's an ancient Japanese superfood modernized for the times.

Where Can Someone Get Loose Leaf Teas?

GreenOrganicOnline.com is at least one online store that offers loose leaf teas. We offer a massive selection of teas in a variety of blends, flavors, and caffeine levels. All of them are completely organic, and each kind is available in bulk packages or enough for a single serving. Casual consumers can purchase five pounds, more regular drinkers can order ten pounds, while the most ardent fans can get fifteen pounds of their favorites. Look for your favorite, order today, and discover the benefits of loose leaf tea for yourself. Below are just some favorites but there are many more varieties to try.


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