Organic Vitamins vs. Synthetic Vitamins: Which is Better?

Posted by [email protected] on 2/28/2020
Organic Vitamins vs. Synthetic Vitamins: Which is Better?

Why Organic Vitamins are Better for Your Body

Human beings — along with practically all life on Earth — depend on vitamins to stay healthy and maintain their body’s inner workings. Before very recently in our history, we could only obtain them the old-fashioned way: food, drinks, and sunlight. Now, anyone with dietary deficiencies can simply go to the pharmacy and picking up a tablet of pills. It may be a different form of intake, but it is supposed to have the same effect.

In truth, vitamin pills really can be a great way of getting essential nutrients into your system. With that said, you still have to be careful about which ones you use. There are two kinds. One is organic, effective, and healthy. The other is synthetic, insufficient, and poor as a substitute or supplement. To help you stay informed and healthy, we will illustrate what makes organic vitamins so much better than their synthetic counterparts.

What are Synthetic and Organic Vitamins?

At first glance, the uninitiated may assume that the term “synthetic vitamins” refers to any sort of manmade supplement containing vitamins. Similarly, they may believe that the term “organic vitamins” is a shorthand for vitamins obtained in what we called the old-fashioned way. However, both terms refer to manmade supplements. Organic and synthetic vitamins may be nearly identical in their compositions, and the human body is capable of breaking down both.

Despite these commonalities, there are a few significant differences. The main one rests in where the vitamins themselves originate. Organic supplements get their vitamins from sources found in nature. For example, pills of organic vitamin C may be made by extracting that compound from a citrus fruit.

In contrast, the vitamins in synthetic vitamin supplements are not found. In the words of, they are instead “made in a laboratory setting from coal tar derivatives.” Despite the potential for initial confusion, the names end up making sense.

Understanding Co-Factors

The make-up of food can be complex. This is true even for foods that are not manufactured with dozens of different ingredients, chemicals, and additives. An orange is not good for your health simply because it is rich in vitamin C. In reality, many other kinds of nutrients and enzymes and other organic components work to enhance the effect of that vitamin within the orange. In this role, these substances are known as cofactors (alternately spelled as “co-factors”).

Despite how they are named and promoted, organic vitamin supplements will almost certainly contain at least some of these cofactors. They appear due to the nature of the extraction process. Rather than posing a problem, their presence may make the supplement more effective, just as in nature. They also preclude the need for any artificial additives and further treatment.

In contrast, synthetic vitamin supplements do not use the natural source at all. As a result, there are no cofactors, and the vitamin is largely isolated from everything that makes it so effective in other foods. Returning to our earlier example, vitamin C are far less absorbent without bioflavonoids and other components.

Natural Co-Factors vs. Synthetic Additives

Complicating matters further is that pharmaceutical companies may try to include additional artificial substances and chemicals — in other words, filler. This practice may actually make the final product far less effective. When filler substances take up space, less room is left for actually beneficial ingredients.

The problem is common to synthetic vitamin supplements. After all, these products are created by isolating the vitamin in question. Without its natural cofactors, it may need more ingredients to plug in the gaps, boost its abilities, and improve its health value.

With that said, synthetic additives are not unique to synthetic supplements. Even if the packaging claims that the vitamins within are organic, responsible consumers should still inspect the label. They may be surprised to find that allegedly all-natural supplements are actually riddled with chemicals and filler. While organic vitamins are usually better with this than their lab-made counterparts, you should still be careful about what exactly you are putting into your body.

Differences in Absorbency

As we noted before, an organic vitamin supplement may share almost all of the same components as a synthetic one. This should mean that the difference is negligible. Yet, due to the contrast in the processes, the human body may end up treating them differently. More often than not, it can absorb the organic one more easily and gain more from it than the synthetic alternative.

Much of it comes down to how the other ingredients in the supplement interact with the vitamin. When vitamins and their corresponding cofactors are extracted from the natural source, they behave largely as they did before. As a result, they are all easier to absorb, and the effects they have on the body are more pronounced.

Synthetic vitamins may mix less easily with everything else in the batch — even if the other components are chemically identical to the vitamins’ natural cofactors. Remember, the vitamin is not extracted from its natural source, but distilled through other means in an artificial setting. These differences may seem slight but have a significant impact.

Order Organic Vitamins Online Today

Synthetic vitamin supplements are far more common and far more easily available, comprising the overwhelming majority of your local pharmacy’s selection. This fact means that you would need to go further out of your way to obtain more organic alternatives. As everything we have written here should make clear, this effort is worth your while. These supplements are easier to absorb and better for your health.

Thankfully, you need not search any longer now that you are on this page. Here at, we offer hundreds of organic vitamin supplements that come in a wide variety. Some specialize in one vitamin, running the alphabetical gamut from A to B to C to D to E to K. Others mix and match to multiply the effectiveness as multivitamins. We even have separate categories for men’s vitamins and women’s vitamins. However different these many items may be, you can rest assured that all of them are 100% organic, free of filler, and devoid of artificial additives. Give them a try and see how much better you will feel.


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