Supplements Your Dog Needs for Staying Healthy

Posted by [email protected] on 3/27/2020
Supplements Your Dog Needs for Staying Healthy

Animals, especially dogs, are more receptive to their surroundings. Their bodies quickly recognize the changing environment and begin to adapt to it. But there is only so much their health can adjust to and most dog parents have taken heed of this issue. Today, multivitamins are an important aspect of pet care.

Benefits of dog supplements in pet care

Although there is limited research on the subject, it is enough to promote dog supplements for optimal pet care. Here are some advantages of adding vitamins to your dog’s diet.

Fulfil nutritional deficiency

Offering vital nutrients is the primary use of any supplement. No matter how expensive or highly-rated dog food you buy, it is always going to be insufficient for your pet. Most dog foods are made from animal by-products and it is not entirely possible to know what it consists of.

Eliminate poor skin and coat conditions

‘You are what you eat’ applies to dogs, too. Bad quality of food and nutritional deficiency can ruin your pet’s coat and induce skin irritation. Ever found your dog scratching their way to glory? That’s because they are not as healthy as you want them to be. Omega-3 supplements are a great way to get rid of your dog’s constant itchiness and improve the thickness and quality of the coat.

Improve digestion

Digestion problems won’t bother you until your dog farts near your face while you are half asleep. Introducing supplements in your dog’s diet can help you avoid those foul winds. They allow your dog to process food properly and improve the functions of the digestive system.

Essential supplements to keep your dog healthy

While your dog food brand claims to be perfectly balanced, it is risky to rely on them completely. Check out some of the supplements that can help your good boy/girl remain healthy.

· Multivitamins – for metabolism, calcium and overall nourishment

Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K are just as important for your four-legged friend as they are for human beings.

Vitamin A is responsible for your pet’s gorgeous coat and nourished skin. It also helps them prevent blindness, which is pretty common among dogs.

Vitamin B, C, and E help your pet’s metabolism and increase antioxidants in their body, respectively. So, while the former keeps your dog away from obesity, the latter reduces inflammation in their stomach.

Being a rich source of calcium, adding a dose of vitamin D in your dog’s diet is another way to ensure that they have stronger bones even as they get older, whereas vitamin K prevents commonly observed blood clots that lead to hemorrhage.

· Omega-3 fatty acids – for coat and skin

Omega-3 supplements generally pose very little risk and are used by most pet parents. And there is a very good reason for that.

Dogs cannot produce omega-3 in their body. But like humans, they need it to lead a healthy life.

Introducing omega-3 fatty acids in your dog’s diet allows you to fulfill the deficiency of a nutrient that they need to have healthy liver and kidney functions. It also helps your dog keep heart diseases at bay while allowing them to have better cognitive development.

Since omega-3 is anti-inflammatory, it also helps your dog to avoid joint pain as well as other chronic conditions like arthritis. 

· Glucosamine – for joint pain

If your dog suffers from frequent joint pain, you ought to add a dose of glucosamine to their diet. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, glucosamine helps reduce and even eliminate your dog’s pain. It makes them more agile and increases their activity level.

Glucosamine is especially essential for older dogs. Since poor bone density is a common problem among dogs, glucosamine is used to improve their mobility. It is also believed to reduce pain and possibly repair bone tissues and cartilage.

· Antioxidants – for memory loss

As a dog parent, you know that dogs age seven times faster than human beings. Among the many benefits of antioxidants, the most important one is combating problems that accompany aging.

Dogs tend to experience memory loss early on and it hinders not just their activity but also their life. Therefore, giving antioxidants to your fur baby can actually make life a tad easier for them.

· Probiotics – for balancing good and bad bacteria

Probiotics work the same way in dogs as they do in humans. Although dogs already have yeast and live culture present in their bodies, they may not be enough for him to live well.

Probiotics help your dog with digestive problems and fight diseases by improving the immune system. You can also use them to treat diarrhea in your dog.

Safety and risks of dog supplements

It would be incredibly ignorant of us to disregard the potential risks of any supplement. While dietary supplements are generally safe for consumption, incorrect consumption can lead to several side effects.

The most commonly found side effects include weak joints or joint pain and dehydration. Poor quality supplements can be even more dangerous and can induce kidney, liver and heart problems in your dog.

Having said that, these pet care problems are absolutely avoidable. You can protect your dog from them simply by speaking to your vet.

How to choose a supplement for your dog

Animals are different from humans. We can take unprescribed, over-the-counter drugs and still remain fine. But that may not be the case when it comes to pet care.

Dogs have distinctive needs, so it is always wise to consult a vet to get the right supplements for them. In fact, it is important to visit one because they can actually confirm if your pet needs any supplements, so you don’t end up hopping on the bandwagon just because everyone else is.

You must also consider your pet’s diet before choosing a supplement. Some pet owners prefer to feed their dog homemade food while others prefer store-bought dry food. In both cases, you must make the vet aware of what your pet eats. This allows the medical expert to determine the best supplement for your fur baby without putting their health at risk.


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